These are weird times. I don’t about you- but living during a pandemic has got me on a roller coaster of emotions. From boredom, to terror, to joy when I’ve mastered a new recipe or pride when I’ve managed to put on real pants for the day.

We here at Regel Recht want to spread some positivity and also some vulva visibility. Therefore, together with The Happy Vulvas- we’ve launched the #VulvaCorona challenge.

We will select two winners who will get a care-package with a Ruby Cup & Happy Vulva t-shirt. One will be chosen by lottery- and the other for most creative!

    It’s easy to participate. All you need to do is:

    1. Find or create a vulva with household objects.
    2. Post a pic to your social media with the hashtag #VulvaCorona
    3. Tag Regel Recht and Happy Vulvas

      We’re hoping to see a plethora of beautiful and creative vulvas flooding the internet. Reminding us that even though we are stuck inside- some of our most beautiful parts can also be found inside.

      Good luck!

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