What we've done

Were you unable to attend our previous events or just looking to relive the moment? To get a sense of what we do, you can check out some of our previous events here or on our Facebook page

Evening of Empowerment

The Body Positivity movement has new levels of notoriety and has attracted a lot criticism. But what does it mean to you? We invited various performers to use their medium to share their feelings on the subject. We also offered interactive exhibits to encourage participants to explore this topic for themselves.

Everyday Sexism

Sexism is present in our everyday lives ranging on a scale of atrocity; from micro-aggressions to sexual-aggressions. So how do we learn to cope & deal? We invited experts to share their knowledge and facilitate an exchange of participants insights, successes, & challenges.

Stitch & Bitch

What goes with crafting- feminism of course! We stitched together washable pads and dished about our favorite feminist topics.

Vino with a Gyno

A popular and reoccurring event with Regel Recht. We invite Gynecologist, author, and speaker Dr. Dorothee Struck for a relaxed evening detailing some of the stuff you didn't even know, you didn't know. With wine flowing, Dr. Struck offers an engaging presentation on the topic at hand (alternatives to birth control, vaginal bacteria) and we close the evening with her fielding the most prevalent questions from the audience.

Popcorn & Porn

Can porn be ethical? What's the truth behind the industry? We invited a lively discussion with a panel of experts and also introduced some of our favorite ethically produced porn.

Good Vibrations: Sex Toy Party

Sex and menstruation – Yay or Ney? As another reoccurring event, we discuss all about sex & female pleasure: both on and off our periods. What we liked and disliked and we also had the chance to look at some sex toys too.

Blood, Sex, & Beers

Communication between men and women is key for healthy relationships, be it romantic or friendship. We discussed how we communicate in aspects of sex, menstruation and more.

Periods & Politics

What do they have to do with each other? A lot! From tampon taxes, to the lack of research & funding for women's health. We discussed how politics influences periods, women’s health and how we can address these issues.