it started as a project

Laura (USA) and Gabi (Chile) first met in Kiel while they were both pursuing advanced degrees in a Masters of Science in Sustainability in Society & the Environment.

With a focus on social and environmental entrepreneurship, their master’s program offered a hybrid course allowing students to workshop, ideate, and devise a project concept aimed at making the world better than they found it.

With a shared passion for feminism and environmentalism, Gabi and Laura first focused on the reduction of single-use menstrual care products. Germany is the largest per-capita consumer of tampons in the world, and although cheaper and healthier options exist, they are often overlooked due to our pathway dependence and the general taboo surrounding menstruation.

How we've grown

After applying and winning the nation wide YooWeeDoo Change Maker contest, Regel Recht got the requisite seed money to see their project into fruition.

We have since expanded our repertoire to include a veritable smörgåsbord of delectably taboo topics. Including, but not limited to, ethical porn, body politics, everyday sexism, female pleasure, and more!

As participating members of the Green Party Joure Fixe, we take our passions and insights into local politics. This quarterly council meets directly with the Vice President of the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament, Aminata Touré, to discuss local gender issues and solutions.

Our team has grown too

We’ve also been #blessed (too corny?) to work alongside some of the most talented, dedicated, and straight-up boss women we’ve yet to encounter.

Caro joined our team shortly thereafter-lending us her creative eye and big dreams. We were tickled to have Anni join us and breathe new life and energy to our dynamic (not to mention amazing hugs).  Barbora has given us insights to so many new perspectives, allies, and many laughs. We love Svenja’s enthusiasm and her ability to share her opinions with honesty and tact!

There have been many other amazing people who have helped us along the way. Anyone who has come to our events, volunteered, offered insights or support has been invaluable to us! We hope you keep coming back!