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Regel Recht is a female-run Kiel based initiative that is ready to make the patriarchy squirm by addressing taboo topics in public spaces. Through dynamic events & campaigns, we aim to  increase visibility, awareness, and empowerment on a myriad of invisible issues facing women today.

We believe this starts with menstrual activism. Germany is the largest consumer of single-use tampons per capita in the world. This affects our health, finances, environment, and promotes a tradition of menstrual taboo.

So, what do we do?

Talking about periods, porn, politics, body neutrality, etc. can be, err, awkward- if not down right challenging. We get it.

That’s why Regel Recht primarily designs and implements interactive workshops that are both educational and social in nature, so that we strip these topics of their taboo and their power to control our autonomy.

With the help of experts in their respective fields, we bring important and often avoided information to the masses in a welcoming and fun environment.

Meet our Team

Who run the world?- Girls! They also run Regel Recht.

Laura Mahoney


With a BA in journalism, a MSc. in sustainability, and a passion for feminism- Laura considers herself a true generalist. She's got plenty of interests so feel free to strike up a convo!

Gabriela Escobar Sanchez


The organization station is here. Gabi keeps order and momentum in the group- helping to turn great ideas into realities. She's also fluent in Spanish, German, & English- so pick your poison!

Caroline Nölle

Industrial Designer

Another mans trash is Caro's treasure. With an eye for design and a talent for creative constructions Caro brings inventive flair to the team.

Barbora Liznar

As a medical student and feminist podcast host- Barbora brings fresh perspectives & insights to the team- not too mention an iconic laugh.

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